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We recently started an experiment called Think4India. Very simply we are going to post some tough problems to India’s most difficult social problems starting with Health and see if the wisidom and intelligence of the internet can help us solve it.
Our first challenge is to get people to visit local government clinics rather than show up at the hospital straight. We feel the hospital is for serious problems and common cough and cold can be taken care locally.
We also feel the hospital and the local clinic are of similar quality.

Can you help us find the solution?

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Think4India- Crowdsourcing ideas for social change

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  • Prerna

    In my opinion it is important to nudge them to come to the neighbourhood clinic.So the easiest thing would be that they get a one time VIP access card / referral from the doctor which will help them avoid long queues at the place of tertiary health care.
    And only a doctor after examination at a clinic can give it with due justification.

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