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Sushrat Foundation is working on the following simple problems and creating solutions. Incase you would like to pitch in with ideas, time or references, please contact us.

  1. Patient Flow through Hospital
    Reduce the number of places a patient needs to go and provide correct signages, timing, instructions to reduce the time a patient has to spend to achieve a task

  2. Staff Soft Skills
    Staff needs to be sensitized on how to interact with patients and relatives, how to answer difficult questions and direct them to the right person for escalation

  3. Preventing leakages of services
    How do you ensure patients are not sent out of the hospital to buy medicines, get tests and scans or completely sent out to a private hospital for treatment? This can be due to both -> Corruption or unavailability of services

  4. Staff Attendance
    To ensure staff comes to work every day, stays for 8 hours, doesn’t leave in the middle for a few hours and comes back.

  5. Equipment Uptime / Total Preventive Maintainance
    While in theory, regular maintenance and repair of machines ensure they are available and in use always, in a government setup this is practically not achieved. Tenders are given off to low-quality organizations who may never show up or do a substandard job.

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