Improving asepsis during Intravenous procedures among neonates

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Hospital acquired infections are a major risk in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU). The staff in the NICU were not feeling confident of aseptic measures taken in the unit and avoided placing central venous lines and admitting out born neonates. By using QI approaches, the SDH Hospital was able to achieve asepsis in 80% of phlebotomy and cannulation procedures carried out in NICU in 3 months and even expanded the work to central lines. The QI team members, as well as the whole unit staff, is more confident, motivated, and looking forward to taking up more QI projects for the improvement of their facility. The QI coach and team leader also give credit to using Whats App for team communication.


The quality improvement team at SWAMI DAYANAND HOSPITAL consisted of Dr. Nipun Saini, Jr. Resident, Mrs. Bindu, Staff Nurse, Mr. Sohan, Technician, Dr. AP Azad, Consultant, Dr. Jyoti Krishna, Jr. Resident, Mrs. Kuljeet, Staff Nurse, Mr. Randhir, Technician, Dr. Surender Bisht, Consultant (Team Leader), Dr. Reshu Lohiya, Sr. Resident, Mrs. Namarta, Nurse In-charge and Dr. Vikas, Sr. Resident.

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