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Simple Effective Solutions which cost next to nothing

Sushrat Foundation works with hospitals to reduce staff workload and stress and increase the number of patients the same staff can attend to. We do this using our patented 5 Pillars methodology:

  • Patient Safety
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure & Facilities
  • Processes & Policy
  • Communication

We bring international best practices in hospital administration and management and couple that with effective use of open source free technology.

Did you know that 35% of the time of hospital staff including doctors going into non clinical administrative work and simple patient queries.

Sushrat Foundation has the experience and expertise to improve hospital or department workflow, reduce staff stress and increase the number of patients they see without any major infrastructure or staff.

Sushrat works with WILLING Head of Departments, Medical Superintendents, and Hospital Directors to improve the processes and administration of their organization.
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How it works?

The whole process takes anywhere between 3 months upto 9 months. We provide the knowledge, solutions, and best practices which hospitals can procure through existing vendors or recommended vendors.

1. Sign Letter of Intent with Hospital, District or State Administration.
2. Appoint Fellows
3. Fellows understand your most pressing problems and also analyse the current state of the hospital
4. Using proven methodologies and the Sushrat Framework we mutually decide on what problems to solve
5. Analyse the reasons for the problems, brainstorm solutions and implement the change
6. Improvise and perfect the solutions.
7. Document the problem and solution in our archive.