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Largely, the experience of people at the government hospitals, despite the excellent, well-trained doctors and advanced diagnostic and surgical technology has been inefficient at best. The same is reflected in the fact that almost 70% of Indians prefer the private healthcare services over public healthcare services, which are almost 4 times as expensive as their government counterparts.

The same happened in 2016, when our founder, a senior medical professional, tried fixing an appointment with a government doctor for a fracture. On being informed that he would have to wait five days for the preliminary appointment, he went to a private hospital for his immediate surgery requirement. Not only was he attended to on the same day, but was also discharged after surgery before he would have been able to consult the doctor at the government hospital.

The reason for the same is the acute shortage of doctors and paramedic staff in the country – we have 1 doctor for every 1700 population against the WHO global standard of 1 doctor for every 1000 population. Even these doctors and nurses spend up to 50% of their time on administrative and non-curative tasks like filling paper work.

These stark realities inspired us to think if better processes and technology can free up doctor and nurse time and improve the quality of care. This could lead to more patients being treated better at government hospitals leading to more trust in the public healthcare system and reducing the burden of healthcare expenses.

The disappointment rooting from the inaccessibility of the public healthcare eventually culminated into the idea behind Sushrat.

With a framework built on proprietary methodology which uses TATA inspired management thinking, six sigma, Kaizen and Lean Hospitals, we focus on improving the quality of public healthcare in India by using global best practices, cost-effective new technology, and management intervention.
Sushrat Methodology

Our team consists of senior medical professionals, whilst our board of advisors consists of experienced and distinguished professionals from different spheres of work including – doctors, administrators, bureaucrats, manufacturing and efficiency experts, and the development sector professionals.
Sushrat Foundation works for free with any willing hospital and is funded through philanthropic contributions from corporate CSR and international aid agencies. Since early 2017, we have been able to impact around 60,000 lives with better public healthcare and have also been able to reduce staff stress at our first project- a government hospital located at Nizamabad district in Telangana.

Broadly, the foundation was founded with the following objectives

a. To provide consultative services to Govt. (Both Central & State), Semi Govt. local bodies, private hospitals and other such institutions to improve the health care delivery system.b. To impart teaching and training to health care volunteers for improvement in health care delivery, educate and create awareness among the general public through social media (TV, radio, road shows, documentary films, etc.)

c. To introduces in phased manner the “Ayush” system of traditional Indian Medicine as a part of holistic approach for treatment of various ailments as described in “Sushruta Samhita”

d. To develop methodologies and modalities for efficient, cost-effective delivery of health care.

e. To impart knowledge to the general public about science, art, design and other subjects through workshops, setting up museums, websites, apps, publishing of books, magazines, toys, games outdoor excursions, CME’s, debates, seminars and related activities etc.

f. To formulate/dispense various medical care products both diagnostics and therapeutic / devices/ kits etc.

g. To provide medical / survival aid during or after any natural or man-made disaster, calamities.

h. To own/ run any hospital / clinic/ diagnostic / rehabilitation center / nursing homes / crèche / etc.